We make the world’s only self-cleaning mattress!

We have invented a cleaning system that can be installed in any mattress we manufacture. This vacuum system is called V.m.a.t: Vacuum Mattress Air Technology.

What is Vmat?

V-MAT (Vacuum Mattress Air Technology) is a patented system that cleans the
inside of your mattress.

How does V.m.a.t clean the inside of your mattress?

V.m.a.t cleans the inside of your mattress with a special vacuum hose
 installed within the mattress. You simply attach your home vacuum cleaner to the hose within your mattress and suck all the old, dirty air out.  This special vacuum hose is formatted to 
create our patented wind tunnel within the inside 
of your mattress. This wind tunnel makes the dust within your mattress airborne where it can then be sucked out through special holes in the vacuum tube.

Attaching your home vacuum to V-MAT once a week will prevent build-up of humidity, dead skin, dust mites, dust, mold and detritus.  If you have allergies, or suffer from asthma or sinus infections, a Vmat system is just what you need.

Want to see how V.m.a.t works, watch this short video. 

A mastermind remakes the mattress

Matelas Princesse can custom-engineer to suit the size and shape of the sleepers

Just how dirty is your mattress?


The inside of your mattress is a damp and humid place. After 10 years of use, your mattress weighs 30 to 35% more than when you first bought it. This extra weight is made up of dead skin, dust mites and detritus. (Detritus is dust mite excrement.) As the dead and dry skin finds its way into your mattress, dust mites form—attracted by all the dead skin and humidity. Dust mites eat your dead skin, but like everything that eats, the dust mites also need to defecate, and they expel their waste (detritus) within the mattress. Detritus resembles a very fine dust, and like dust, it becomes easily airborne. As you move around on your mattress, the detritus circulates within and comes out of the sides of your mattress in the form of dust clouds, where you breath it in as you sleep. (In fact, the little air-borne particles you see floating around in those sunbeams in your bedroom are dead skin and detritus particles that come out of your mattress.)

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