Just how dirty is your mattress?

After 10 years of use, your mattress weighs 30 to 35% more than when you first bought it.

This extra weight is made up of dead skin, dust mites and detritus (dust mite excrement)

Detritus resembles a very fine dust, and like dust, it becomes easily airborne.

As you move in your sleep, detritus comes out of your mattress, where you breath it in.

How VMAT keeps your mattress clean and cool.

VMAT cleans the inside of your mattress with a special vacuum hose installed within the mattress. You simply attach your home vacuum cleaner to the hose and suck all the old, dirty air out. This special vacuum hose is formatted to create our patented wind tunnel, which makes the dust within your mattress airborne. It can then be sucked out through special holes in the vacuum tube.

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Attaching your home vacuum to VMAT once a week will prevent build-up of humidity and mold for a fresher and cooler mattress.