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The Benefits of Sleeping Upright – Featuring Matelas Princesse’s Custom Foam Wedge

The Benefits of Sleeping Upright - Featuring Matelas Princesse's Custom Foam Wedge

Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is essential to your well-being. Sleeping is beneficial to your physical and mental health. Some of us can get by with less than seven hours of sleep, while others need more. The quality of sleep matters as well. If you spend half the night tossing and turning, you won’t feel refreshed in the morning.

Unfortunately, more people are finding it difficult to sleep than ever before. There are many reasons contributing to the lack of sleep – increased stress levels, working long hours, staring at screens all day long etc. But it’s becoming more and more known that posture and sleeping position can also affect your sleep. Whether you sleep on your back or face down, you are most probably lying down when you sleep.

Even though lying down seems to be the most natural way to sleep, it’s not the only way to rest. Some people need to sleep upright for health reasons such as recovering from surgery. Others find that sleeping upright is more refreshing than any other position. If you have ever tried sleeping on a flight or in the car, you know it can be uncomfortable. But sleeping upright offers many benefits.

The Benefits of Sleeping Upright

Spring brings melting snow and warmer temperatures. However, it also brings pollen. A significant percentage of the population suffers from allergies in spring. To many people, the allergies are severe enough to disrupt their sleeping patterns. Sleeping upright can eliminate some discomfort as it allows congestion to drain from the nose and throat. This position is also helpful for those suffering from the common cold.

Sleeping in the upright position is beneficial for those suffering from back pain. A few degrees can make a world of difference by redistributing the pressure across the various parts of the body. A firm mattress at an incline can help relieve pressure on the lower back. It also helps those who have trouble getting in and out of bed due to joint pain. You can stand up from an upright sleeping position more easily than from a traditional horizontal position.

Upright mattresses or a few pillows under your head can help alleviate symptoms of vertigo, acid reflux, and head rushes from high blood pressure. Sleeping upright can help with some of the side effects of diabetes like poor blood circulation. Sometimes, doctors recommend this position for people recovering from surgical procedures. Some people have medical conditions that limit their ability to change position when sleeping. This can lead to bedsores but upright mattresses can help minimize the effects.

Adjustable Beds for Sleeping Upright

The most common – and easiest – way to sleep upright is buying an adjustable bed. You might have seen these bed frames and hospitals or retirement homes. You can also get them for your own bedroom. Needless to say, adjustable beds can be quite expensive. So what’s th alternative?

Custom Foam Wedges from Matelas Princesse

Instead of getting an adjustable bed frame, you might want to try angled foam wedges on a regular bed. Matelas Princesse – makers of custom mattresses – also manufacture foam wedges for upright sleeping. These wedges are designed with a 35° angle and made from orthopedic high-density gel foam of a superior quality. The high-quality foam provides firm support while allowing you to sleep in a comfortable position.

Foam wedges are inexpensive. The alternative is to spend thousands of dollars on an adjustable bed. They are also better than using multiple pillows. Most people try pillows first – underneath the shoulders, knees or upper back. But pillows easily lose their place when you shift or get out of bed. You have to keep moving them around to get the correct angle each night. Foam wedges can help sleepers achieve the right angle to relieve pain or medical symptoms consistently.

Foam wedges are also great for hospitals where many patients cannot sleep in the horizontal position. Retirement homes can use them too since many elderly inmates find it difficult to sleep horizontally due to joint pain or rheumatoid arthritis. Try sleeping upright with a custom foam wedge from Matelas Princesse and you might find your aches disappearing once and for all!