Matelas Princesse

Baby Mattresses

All of our Baby Mattresses are made firm according to Canadian Regulations, and all of our Baby mattresses are Reversible, so you can use both sides.

We want to help your little ones stay healthy and comfortable at night. Our latex and soy mattresses, made with Talalay Latex, are hypoallergenic and toxin free.

All of our Talalay Latex mattresses are certified Oeko-Tex Classe 1-safe for babies. This classification confirms that all materials and compounds contained within the Latex Rubber do not contain toxic chemicals which can be harmful for the baby. There are very few Latex manufacturers that can provide this certification. All of our Talalay Latex comes from Talalay Global.

While most mattresses are made with solvent based synthetic compounds, our Talalay Latex Baby mattresses are made with natural milk from rubber trees. And while there is nothing wrong with Canadian-made, solvent based polyurethane foam, it’s our belief that because a baby’s lungs and immune system are still not fully developed, the mattress they sleep on should be void of Volatile Organic Compounds. That is why all of our baby mattresses are upholstered with a G.O.T.S certified Organic Cotton-we are the only Quebec mattress manufacturer to offer this.