Matelas Princesse

Tips on Buying and Maintaining your RV Mattress

Conseils pour l'achat et l'entretien de votre matelas de VR

Most mattresses that are included with Recreational Vehicles are made with imported substandard foam, or worst yet, polyester fibres. Ask anyone if their default R.V mattress is comfortable, and the answer will be a resounding NO.

Since most R.V.s come in difference sizes, regular size mattresses will not fit any Recreational Vehicles. Fortunately, because Princesse Mattresses is a mattress manufacture, we can custom make any size mattress at a very reasonable price. All we need to know is what size you need (width x Length x thickness. Put a link here) However, there are 2 more common sizes in the R.V. world, and these sizes are 60’’ x 74’’ (this is known as a short Queen.) and a 76’’ x 80’’ (this is known as a Short King.)

Also, many R.V. mattress are foldable. Some fold once and other fold in three sections. Here at Princesse Mattress, we can make your mattress foldable, all we need to know is where you need your mattress to fold. For this, it’s best that you call us and we’ll tell you how to best relay your mattress specifications to us.

R.V. Mattress tips:

Humidity and Condensation Levels.

Make sure your R.V. mattress is made with open-cellular foam. Because R.V., camping and boat mattresses are always outdoors they are exposed to high humidity and condensation levels. Mattresses made with open cellular foams, and breathable covers like bamboo fibres, are best at keeping your mattress and you cool. Another great way to keep humidity out of your mattress is to get a vapour barrier underneath the mattress. Our vapour barrier is made with a medical grade, waterproof nylon fabric. We install this waterproof nylon fabric as the first layer under the mattress. This will keep humidity and condensation from entering your mattress.

Should I use a mattress protector on my R.V. mattress.

YES, of course. An R.V. mattress is like any other mattress, and while it won’t get used as often as your primary residential mattress, it’s still a mattress. A mattress protector will protect your investment. It will keep your mattress clean and make your mattress last longer. At Princesse Mattresses, we can custom make a mattress cover to fit your special size mattress.

How do I store my R.V. mattress?

If you can we recommend wrapping your mattress back in the plastic bag it came in (so keep the bag!) and store it in a temperature-controlled area, like a garage or basement. Leaving the mattress in an R.V. during the cold winter months is not a good idea. The under-side of the mattress will begin to grow mold spores because of lack of air-circulation, and spiders and mice will often seek shelter in mattresses because they like using foam for their nests.

How Thick should my R.V. mattress be?

We recommend your mattress be between 8’’ and 10’’ for optimal comfort. Also, people tend to do more than just sleep on an R.V. mattress as it will often be used for sitting. If your mattress will be used as a seat, as well as for sleeping, we recommend a thickness of 8’’ and 10’’ and opt for higher density foams like in our V.R. Relaxation or V.R. Relaxation Deluxe models. If you have a height restriction and your mattress needs to be below 8’,’ then we recommend you opt for the higher density models as they will be more supportive.