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Individually Wrapped Pocket Coil Springs (also know as, Marshall Coils or Encased Coils.)

Ressorts ensachés ou Marshall

Canadian engineer, James Marshall, invented the pocket coil in 1899. Pocket coils are steel coils that are individually wrapped within a fabric pouch. The fabric pouches are then bound together by glue at the center point of the pouch. The pocket coils work individually of one another since they are not all bound together with steel laces, or pigtails.

Features of Individual Pocket Coils

  • Pocket coils relieve pressure points because the coils can adapt to your body’s unique shape.
  • Pocket coils have a very low ‘bounce’ yield making motion transfer very low. When one person moves on the bed, the other person will feel little to no movement.
  • Pocket coils can be manufactured to put more strength where your body is heavier. For example, because most of us are heavier in our hip area, we can manufacture the pocket coils to be firmer in the center/lumbar area of the mattress. We can do this by using higher gage steel in isolated areas, or by ‘offsetting’ the pocket coils rather than gluing them in a single file row.
  • Pocket coils are ideal for side sleepers.
  • Pocket coils allow air to pass freely within the mattress thereby generating less heat.
  • A pocket coil mattress can be manufactured to have one side of the bed firm and the other side softer for couples with different comfort preferences.