Matelas Princesse

Da Vinci Firm


Our Davinci Firm is a Talalay Latex and pocket coil hybrid. Our firm, Quebec Made "Off-Set" lumbar reinforced pocket coils provide the support, while the 3.0lbs High Resolution foam and the Firm Talalay Latex provide the comfort and support. The pocket coils are "True Pocket coils" meaning they do not have a fabric liner glued over top of them, they are attached to one another with glue, and they are glued only in the center of the coils--the ends of the coils remain independent. This is a Very solid mattress. Made for heavy set people looking for the ultimate in comfort and support, or for those who like to feel like they're floating on the surface of the mattress. The mattress is upholstered with our Bamboo Fabric which is quilted with our 2.0lbs "Cool Max", open cel foam for maximum breathability and comfort.